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Transcribed by Sonam G. Sherpa

Hello! My name is I am one of the gazillion web sites in this entire world of cyberspace called the World Wide Web. I do not think of myself as serving millions or hundreds of thousands or even thousands but a rather small community and ethnic group; a miniscule percentage of this world called the Sherpas and feel very fortunate to do so. In my own way, I feel unique.

My Birth

Let me tell you how I was conceived and born. (Please don’t stop reading. I am fully aware of the family nature of this publication. My conception and birth was not like that of human beings.) Before my arrival in this world, there was a site of the group at America on Line (AOL), created by a gentleman named Sangay Sherpa. There, many Sherpas posted messages, pictures and announcements regarding your community in New York. I am sure that group site was helpful to many of you.

Sangay then wanted to broaden this idea of the AOL group site to a fullfledged Internet web site, where not only you from New York, but also anyone around the world could join. He contacted his brother-in-law, Sange Lama, an undergraduate at Connecticut College. Sange has knowledge of web designing and the willingness to do something helpful for the Sherpa community.

At a celebration of the Buddha Jayanti in Dhaka Club in Queens in May 2002, the two in-laws; Sangay and Sange (mind you, although they sound the same but, are spelt differently, that’s how I can tell they’re not twins), approached the then board member of the Sherpa Kyidug; United Sherpa Association, Sonam G. Sherpa with their idea of creating a web site for all Sherpas. This issue of creating a web site had been discussed in some of the Kyidug’s own board meetings and when volunteers came forward to creating it on their own, what more could the board members ask but to give them an enthusiastic thumbs up!

So I understand that my creator, which you humans call a “webmaster”, Sange, got to work and started designing how I should look and what functions I should perform. Day and night, on his laptop, Sange toiled to give me my form. My creation had begun in earnest.

In your world, you human beings don’t name a child until he or she is born. But in my world of web sites, a name has to be chosen before official birth. So, on April 2002, Sange registered me officially, and named me “”. That day, I was partially born and I remained in that form for sometime - unlike humans, we can be that way too.

At this same period, my creator, Sange, returned to your country, Nepal, to help out his family business. And he continued my creation there. After months of working, I was finally born in my full form. It was in the early weeks of December of 2003 when my birth was officially confirmed. Speaking of birth, is my first birthday coming soon? Party garne hoina?

My Upbringing

Announcement of my birth was spread by word of mouth, and I think it brought great joy to you. I am eternally indebted to you for your generosity and your efforts to nurture me from the beginning. Not having to do all the thinking and planning and to make me a better web site, my creator, Sange, asked for help from visitors who frequented my domain and utilized me for various activities such as reading, posting and sharing. When Sange started a thread “How can we improve this web site”, I was glad to see that suggestions poured in from all walks of life. Some of you even felt the need to announce my existence through archaic means of communication, i.e. the postal service. I hear that post cards were designed and mailed to some 300 Sherpa households in the United States and because of this, I started receiving members in dribs and drabs. I am grateful to the user named “kings”, a.k.a. Tsewang Sherpalama, since he volunteered to pay all the costs for sending these postcards. Any one can view my contents but only registered members can post messages, pictures and other cool stuff. It doesn’t cost a dime to become a member. It’s free!

My Official Recognition

During Buddha Jayanti at Union Square in New York in June 2004, my existence was announced by Sherpa Kyidug; United Sherpa Association. Mr. L. G. Khambache, president, offered a Khata, to my creator, Sange Lama. Using a computer and the Internet, he offered a ‘cyber khata’ on Sange’s picture and thanked others who assisted in my creation and maintenance.


Humans are very possessive by nature. So questions inevitably came up, who owns me?

From the very first day of my creation, it was envisioned that I would ultimately be owned by Sherpa Kyidug and operated under its direction with some help from a ‘web committee’.

However, since I would like to serve all Sherpas, I personally like to believe that I belong to all the Sherpas in the world. Although my legal ownership resides with Sherpa Kyidug, I want to clarify that I am here to serve you all. Therefore, I would like to request that you all take good care of me and direct me on how to best serve you. After all, as the saying goes; “Garbage in, garbage out”, I am only as good as what you feed me. Again, please consider me your own, make contributions to me and use me as a platform to share opinions, ideas and suggestions to better serve the Sherpa community.

Web Committee

In October of 2004, with the recommendation of the web master, I mean my creator, Sherpa Kyidug formed a committee to help maintain me. This web committee consists of the following fellow Sherpas:

  1. Sange Lama; Web master.
  2. Dawa Lama; Web master.
  3. Sangay Sherpa; administrator.
  4. Tsewang Sherpalama; Fund, advisor and contributer.
  5. Lakpa T. Sherpa; Fund and advisor
  6. Ngawang Karsang Sherpa; editorial,
  7. L.G. Khambache; Kyidug,
  8. Pema Choten Sherpa; Kyidug and
  9. Sonam G. Sherpa; administrator.

I am sure the committee will discuss and invite more members when required.

As the web committee members, they will come up with ideas to improve my features. You should see the e-mails that are exchanged among members during discussions. I actually tracked about twelve emails being exchanged within the group in a single day, going back and forth, and discussing vigorously how I should be made better. Wow, I love these guys! I am pretty sure that these guys will always be willing to listen if anyone has any suggestion regarding my development.

Things I've Tride to Help You With

Many of you seem to have loved the “Photo Gallery” where pictures always come in loads. I can tell that people in various parts of your world love to see those pictures and familiar faces in far off lands.

Discussion forums have actually started to bring serious conversations. Some of you posted poems that pleased many. In fact, one poem called “I have failed them” even brought tears in my eyes. I see now that you are engaged in many topics of importance to you, your family, your community and things in general at my discussion forums. I hope all these discussions will help you in making better judgments and make compromises when needed.

Although I don’t want to see tears in your eyes, they dropped on me as I announced loss of your loved ones. But I was also fortunate to announce news of joy in your global community — birth, wedding, graduation or employment.

Through my Events section, I have noticed you plan your schedules and check for dates that could potentially clash with other events.

You even posted some links of my ‘siblings’; other web sites that you think would help your own siblings, family and friends.

Exciting Additions

The last two months brought to you entertainment in the form of songs. You have probably heard some exceptional songs written by a fellow Sherpa of yours, Tsewang Sherpalama. Many of his songs are about you and your community. There are also some notes sung by some of you at the 2002 Losar Party. Once in a while, I personally enjoy you hearing those songs through me.

Speaking of your fellow Sherpas, Tsewang Sherpalama, who goes by the log on id “kings”, came up with an interview feature called E-Talk. Through ETalk, he would like to bring to you the views of other Sherpas who have done well in their respective fields. As you cannot get to know many things without a medium such as mine, it is a great way also to learn about the members in your community, no matter where they are physically. It is important to know successful people in your midst and appreciate their achievements, rather than complaining about the lack of respect for such individuals. If you appreciate them first, I assure you that others will follow.

You have all made me quite popular in the last few months. I love you all! But I have to ask you to do even more. Share me with your friends and families, here in the U.S. or back home in Nepal or anywhere where they have Internet, and tell them of the importance of my existence and the things I do for you and others. With involvement from all of you, I will be more popular, and I want to be more popular. I love the limelight, as it is a sign that I am serving you well.

My Brithday

As Sherpas, and for that matter, humans in general, celebrate birthdays, I am celebrating my first one too. I have picked my birthday on December 12 (1212 does look familiar, as in ss1212?). But unlike humans, we web sites don’t have parties or family get-togethers. However, we accept birthday gifts – and those gifts are as pledges of cash or checks only. These pledges are needed to pay for my existence to an Internet hosting site, in the same way that you humans have to pay taxes to the U.S. government for your existence in the U.S. The Internet Gods passed this law – so it is sacred. If you feel like wishing me a happy birthday, please go to my section, “JOM” and pledge your gift to me. Oh please, don’t tell me you don’t have money. I do talk to my cousins at and all other They tell me how much money you have stashed away in your accounts there.

I will be remiss if I didn’t thank all who contributed for my upkeep and maintenance through Jindak of the Month (JOM) campaign in October 2004. Due to your generosity $919.40 was raised.

Happy surfing, y’all.