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Flight of the Cage Bird

Silence of emptiness pierced through the air,
And forlorn feathers fluttered in the captive sky.
But with the hope of a new beginning,
Wakes the cage bird, everyday to a new lie

Brushing past the tempting morning
He scouts the cage, the distant sky in sight.
But however vast the cage be,
The cage bird only has a limited flight.

When the first touch of the spring drizzle,
Falls on his withered wings.
That's when the cage bird cries,
That's when the cage bird sings.

And with the fresh whiff of the distant wind
Comes the smell of freedom
And the cage birds yearns to fly away,
To explore the blue kingdom.

Thus, for once he sees through the bars,
Spreads out his wings and breaks open to fly.
Embracing the world where he belongs,
He has found his freedom, he has found his sky.

Tenzin Gelek
Migyul Magazine, Issue 3, Fall 2004