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Dream Dream Dream

As we hear faint sounds, the awakening of life;
We realize that we are dreaming,
but yet we desire to get lost in it;
Where everyone is in a haste to carry on with his life;
Only then we realize that the rush of the world has hit our face;
Some show their anger, some simply cry and there are those who simply laugh at it.
Some hate it! Some love it!
Many begin to love it!
We long for those voices that we hear,
but in reality its all an illusion,
We see those places, that seem familiar to us;
The obstacles we faced & the ones we passed & failed,
All these blend in and we become one;
It's only then we realize that our life is itself a dream;
I'm a dreamer so are you,
I'll make sure I'll see you in my dreams, so do you!
Keep on dreaming dream, dream, dream..

Sonam Tsewang
Migyul Magazine, Issue 3, Fall 2004