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A Call From Home...
Tenzin Gelek
Migyul Magazine, Vol.2, May 2004

Under the lazy sun, i basked
   Reminiscing the past of joy and peace.
A shadow crept in, over the white snow
   Was it the red star rising from the east ?

I have aged now with time,
   The greys and the wrinkles showing signs of pain.
From a free soul to an unknown entity,
   Untold stories, as i tread down the memory lane.

In my early days, i remember,
   I was happy and wanted to remain.
Things have changed now and i wish i could go back,
   And feel how it is to be free again.

When my neighbours first moved in,
   “Peace and prosperity to all”, i heard them sing.
But it was too late before i realized,
   Those were the only two things they forgot to bring.

Today, i am just a lonely soul,
   And my children are all scattered around the world.
I remember when they left me with tears,
   Their last look promised to return, before i grow old.

Now, time is running out,
   And my patience slowly wearing thin.
If i had a voice, i would cry out,
   “Come back soon, before i give in”.

I pray that i see my sons for the last time,
   Before the world forgets me and my past glory.
To the people out there who don’t know me,
   I am Tibet and this is my story.