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Employ standards for Historic Structure Reports and Preservation Plans for all structures — here, the interior spaces.


Hawkins, Dominque M., AIA. Historic Structure Reports and Preservation Plans [download PDFformat file], New Jersey Historic Preservation Office, p.27-28.

"Room/Feature Treatment Recommendations [minimum of a paragraph per identified room or feature]

Room/Feature Treatment Recommendations
Recommended treatment for each area, material, element, or feature with reference to existing conditions documentation
Statement of potential impacts of recommendation
Supporting schematic drawings, floor plans or elevations to describe intent as necessary
R = minimum recommendations; O = optional elements

This section should be included in both HSRs and Preservation Plans [PPs], although, in Preservation Plans, concentration should be placed on areas of proposed treatments with some level of notation for the remainder of the rooms or features.

This section should identify recommended treatment[s] for each space, area, material, element, or feature, and can include site and landscape recommendations unless presented elsewhere. All recommendations should be based upon existing conditions, interpretation objectives, be in conformance with the [Secretary of Interior] Standards, and consistent with the overall treatment philosophy. They should address the physical fabric, programmatic needs, as well as the aesthetic or interpretive goals. All recommendations should comply with code and ADA requirements to the greatest extent possible, while minimizing disturbance or loss of historic fabric or significance.

For each recommendation, the potential impacts should be stated and alternatives explored as appropriate to justify the recommendation. If any alternate or interim recommendations are made due to cost constraints, this work should be reversible to allow the preferred treatment approach to be implemented in the future.

Reference to photographs, diagrams, reports, etc. and existing conditions documentation should be included as appropriate within the narrative. Additionally, schematic drawings, floor plans, or elevations may be necessary to fully illustrate intent of proposed work or new features. This information can be included after each physical description or as a separate section. If integrated with physical description, a brief summary of recommendations should be included under a separate heading".

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