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Develop a philosophy and target date for treatment of all interior spaces.

Follow procedures and standards for the development, use, and maintenance of Historic Structure Reports and Historic Furnishing Plans.

Have the Conservation Department coordinate all work.

Include a Record of Decision for all work.


Hawkins, Dominque M., AIA. Historic Structure Reports and Preservation Plans [download PDFformat file], New Jersey Historic Preservation Office, p.27-28.

"Room/Feature Treatment Recommendations [minimum of a paragraph per identified room or feature]

Furnishings & Interior Decoration Recommendations
Furnishings recommendations
Interior decoration recommendations
R = minimum recommendations; O = optional elements

This section is applicable to restoration and reconstruction projects. As such, it is typically limited to HSRs, although not usually a component of an HSR.

Furnishing or interior decoration recommendations may be included by the consultant as a separate section or in the room descriptions as information becomes available during their research. This information can be very helpful in addressing interpretation issues when restoration or reconstruction is the recommended treatment approach.

Typically, furnishings or interior decoration items include any item not permanently attached to the wall, ceiling, or floor surface and would not include paint or wallpaper. If a more extensive review of furnishings and interior decoration is desired, a separate document, known as a Historic Furnishings Report, should be undertaken for the resource. All recommendations should be based upon documented research."

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