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• The Walk Through: Identifying the Visual Character of Historic Buildings, TPS, NPS

  1. Architectural Character
    1. Three-Step Process to Identify the Visual Character (and Conclusion)
    2. Step 1: Overall Visual Aspects and Character
    3. Step 2: Visual Character at Close Range (Arm's Length)
    4. Step 3: Visual Character of Interior Spaces, Features and Finishes
    5. The Architectural Character Checklist/Questionnaire
  2. Study of Architectural History
    1. Rapoport, Amos. House Form and Culture, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1969, Chapter 1: The Nature and Definition of the Field, pp.1-3.
    2. McAlester, Virginia and Lee McAlester. A Field Guide to American Houses, New York: Random House, 1984, Looking at American house: Style — The Fashions of American Houses
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    4. Whiffen, Marcus. American Architecture Since 1780, Cambridge, MA: M.I.T. Press, (1969), Preface, p. viii.
    5. Rossi, Aldo. The Architecture of the City...
  3. Architectural Sourcebooks
    1. Introduction
    2. European Sources
    3. Builder's Guidebooks
    4. House Pattern Books
    5. Contemporary Theory
    6. Periodicals
  4. Architectural Styles
    1. American Architectural Styles
    2. US: National and Local Desciptions
  5. Building Types
    1. HABS/HAER Typology
    2. Fram
  6. Construction Technology and Systems
  7. Stewardship
    1. Charter on the Built Vernacular Heritage, Ratified by the ICOMOS 12th General Assembly, held in Mexico, from 17-24 October 2000
  8. Conservation Issues
    1. Style
    2. Construction
    3. Materials