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Identify rooms or spaces with a three-digit number, provided to identify each space.

This notation system is employed as a standard architectural practice to designate rooms on architectural drawings and in specifications.

In addition, this method is helpful in managing data which has been recorded through documentation of existing conditions, budgeting and planning, and maintenance programs.

The highest digit refers to the floor level. The other two digits refer to the specific space on that floor. For example, the following designation may be provided for floors.

Employing a database, correlate this notation system with existing notation systems or historic and contemporary names, with reference to pertinent citations. If current architectural drawings with space notation are part of the records of a structure, these numbers should be referenced also.

Floor Number

First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor


The sequence of numbers on each floor begins with a primary entrance and extends around the building in a clockwise manner, as the plan of the structure permits.



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