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"There is no singular set of museum standards. In some instances, museums rely on the standards that have been imposed upon them from outside the profession, such as legal and accounting standards. AAM established the Accreditation Program in part to assure that the essential standards by which museums are judged originate from within the profession, proactively circumscribing the authority of the profession to define its own core principles."

FAQs, American Association of Museums


Accreditation, American Association of Museums

"The achievement of AAM accreditation signifies and recognizes excellence within the museum community, to governments and outside agencies, and among the American public. Developed and operated by museum professionals, the program reflects, reinforces, and promotes the best practices in museums and the strictest accountability to the public museums serve."

Museum Accreditation Criteria & Characteristics, American Association of Museums

"Achievement of accreditation by the American Association of Museums is the field's primary vehicle for quality assurance and public accountability. The process provides a thoughtful framework, through self-study and peer review, for assessing how well a museum meets current standards and continues to engage in institutional improvement."

ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums

"The ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums is a means of professional self-regulation. It sets minimum standards of conduct and performance to which all museum professional staff throughout the world may reasonably aspire. At the same time it also provides a clear statement of what the public may justifiably expect from the museum profession."

Update by the ICOM Ethics Committee : Restructuring of ICOM Code of Ethics (All members of ICOM are invited to send comments or suggestions on this document by 30 October 2003.)

History Exhibit Standards, Organization of American Historians

At its 2 April 2000 meeting, the OAH Executive Board voted unanimously to adopt the museum standards below recommended by the OAH Public History Committee and originally written and adopted by the Society for History in the Federal Government.

Museum Property Management Policies and Standards, Interior Museum Program, US Department of the Interior.

Departmental Manual Part 411; Museum Property Handbook sets the policy for the collection, management, and care of museum property at the Department of the Interior. Museum property is a subset of the larger personal property category.

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