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Terms, below, are collectively identified as "Standards."

Benchmark: A qualifiable and/or quantifiable standard, performance criteria or set of conditions used for measurement, comparison, control, management and improvement of performance.

Charters: An instrument of policy and procedure on a specific subject, adopted by an organization.

Conventions: Also called rules; these standards are more flexible and can be adapted to local needs. The results will be similar, but not identical.

Guidelines: Broad criteria against which to measure products.

Evaluation Criteria: Standards, characteristics and other attributes that help evaluate the appropriateness or acceptance of an action or object.

Legislation, the set of statutory laws in a state.

Resources: Organizations and their projects that relate to standards and guidelines. Published, peer-reviewed citations.

Standards: The most rigid and exacting level of scientific and professional quality. If followed consistently, they will yield identical products.

Standards, Charters, Conventions, Guidelines, Benchmarks, Evaluation Criteria, and Resources

Note: Contribute to content.The list below is from 2002-03. It is being reviewed, revised, and included, as needed. — January 2013

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