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Inventory Quality and Condition, Stage III — Element Assessment and Recommendations, Historic Building Preservation Plan, General Services Administration, 1983. [Amended]

An element is evaluated as Good when:

  • intact;
  • performing its intended purpose;
  • retaining structural and physical integrity;
  • few or no cosmetic imperfections;
  • needing no repair and only minor scheduled maintenance.

An element is evaluated as Fair when:

  • showing early signs of wear, failure, or deterioration;
  • generally retaining structural and physical integrity;
  • adequately performing its intended purpose;
  • there is failure of a subcomponent of the element;
  • replacement required of up to 25% of the element; or replacement of a defective subcomponent.

An element is evaluated as Poor when:

  • the element is no longer performing its intended purpose;
  • the structural and physical integrity is compromised;
  • there is a treat to health or life safety of occupants;
  • deterioration or damage affects more than 25% of the element and cannot be adjusted or repaired;
  • the element shows sign of imminent failure or breakdown;
  • the element requires major repair or replacement.

An element is Missing when:

  • missing through deterioration;
  • removed and lost;
  • relocated and not able to be returned to original context.




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