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Structures are material assemblies that extend the limits of human capability. Without them we are restricted to temperate climates ,the distances we can walk, and the loads we can carry. With them we can live where we choose, cross the continent in hours, and hurl a spacecraft at the moon. Structures are buildings that keep us warm in winter's worst blizzard and bridges that keep us safe over raging rivers; they are locomotives that carry us over vast prairies and monuments to extend our memories. They are temple mounds and fishing vessels, auto factories and bronze statues–elaborations of our productive ability and artistic sensitivity.

Chapter 1: Fundamental Concepts of Cultural Resource Management, B. Types of Cultural Resources, 2. NPS Resource Types, NPS-28: Cultural Resource Management Guideline, National Park Service


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  1. Space Inventory Database Schema
  2. Preparing CAD Drawings
  3. Linking the Database to CAD Drawings
  4. Reporting


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