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"Writing an emergency plan helps the staff accept the fact that emergencies can happen and that coping with them is primarily the responsibility of the institution. In the process, staff members become familiar with the building, emergency procedures and priorities within the collection.

"Lower Hudson Conference of Historical Agencies & Museums is a regional service agency providing professional training, networking and technical assistance support to museums, historical societies, archives and libraries in the Hudson Valley."

Emergency Planning and Recovery Techniques, Lower Hudson Conference


Emergency: If You're first..., Disaster Response and Recovery, American Institute for Conservation

The A.R.K.: A Recovery Kit, Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response Tools, Northern States Conservation Center.

The A.R.K.: A Recovery Kit Based on emergency personnel’s incident command system, the A.R.K. is used by museums throughout Minnesota. Created to assist disaster recovery, the A.R.K. leads staff through the first 24 hours of a museum disaster. Applicable to any disaster, the kit provides six laminated position description cards with fill-in resource lists on each, five collection recovery posters, name tags, permanent marker and recovery priority cards. Packaged in a waterproof envelope. The kit should be kept in one to three staff members’ cars, so it is immediately accessible.

Lord, Allyn, and Reno, Carolyn, and Demeroukas, Marie. Steal This Handbook! A Template For Creating a Museum's Emergency Preparedness Plan. Columbia, SC: Southeastern Registrars Association, 1994.

Steal This Handbook is a comprehensive book covering emergency preparedness and response for every conceivable type and scale of disaster on historic and non-historic materials. Written by the Southeastern Registrars Committee of the American Association of Museums

Vital Records and Records Disaster Mitigation and Recovery: An Instructional Guide, Records Management, National Archives and Records Administration Instructional Guide Series

Global Business Network.

"Though the future cannot be predicted, GBN has always believed that developments can be better anticipated through the use of rigorous scenario thinking tools. As a pioneer in scenario consulting and training, GBN has developed an interactive scenario planning process that allows organizations to explore several different futures and create more robust long-term strategies."

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