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  1. Introduction

Preservation Process

  1. Economics AAM/NEDC [Funding]
  2. Protection AAM/NEDC [Environment]
  3. Use AAM/NEDC [Storage, Exhibit]
  4. Access
  5. Personnel Qualifications AAM/NEDC [Staff, Consultants and Training]
  6. Materials and Equipment
  7. Collection Documentation and Research (see Collections and Stewardship)
  8. Assessment (Criteria for Evaluation) AAM/NEDC [Conservation Treatment: Analysis]
    1. Value
    2. Features and Ensemble
    3. Context
    4. Significance
    5. Condition
      1. Monitoring (under Treatment)
      2. Testing (under Treatment)
    6. Integrity
  9. Safety, Security and Protection AAM/NEDC [Security and Access]
  10. Interpretation AAM/NEDC [Professional Outreach]

Treatments (and Stewardship)

  1. Stewardship > Plans and Policies)
  2. Treatments (see Treatments, next...) AAM/NEDC [Conservation Treatment; Housekeeping]


AAM/NEDC [With AAM/NEDC category/sub-category name indicated]

Categories employed in Ogden, Sherelyn. Preservation Planning: Guidelines for Writing a Long-Range Plan, Professional Practice Series, American Association of Museums and Northeast Document Conservation Center, 1997, Appendix 3: Description Categories of Need for Planning and Action. For other AAM/NEDC categories, see Treatments.


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