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  • Security
  • Environmental (HVAC)
  • Communication
  • Electrical (including Lighting)
  • Plumbing (Water and Waste)
  • Gas (including Lighting and Heating)

As an integral part of any collections, the buildings include complex, interrelated systems, components and features that collectively protect the other collections while providing an authentic, engaging context for the interpretive experience.

Context-sensitive and cost-effective stewardship of the buildings benefits from a Systems Approach that — with reference to standards and methods from the museum field, facilties management, construction science and architecure— identifies, documents, and catalogues interrelated elements, systems and spaces in thje contect of program and space-use needs.

Cataloging of assets (via records) must be undertaken before there can be subsequent, detailed conservation assessments to provide the basis for effective and efficient care for establishing appropriate preservation, treatment and techniques.

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