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a comprehensive architectural fragement policy, plan, records management system and storage/study facilty to address the diversity and depth of resources that currently exist and that will be developed in the future.

  1. Further explore best practices for this collection adn its management.
  2. Develop pilot project in conjunction with future preservation work.
  3. Document existing architectural fragments. Integrate records with other databases.
  4. Employ consistent, standard terminology, and heirarchical systems for identification.
  5. Where provenance is know to be related to the Society' structures, locate fragemnt on architectural drawings.
  6. Develop storage facilities.
  7. Identify uses of architectural fragments.
  8. Develop study-collection.
  9. Numerous and/or deteriorated fragments that they constitute a hazard and should be considered for "deaccessioning."
  10. Develop a implement an assessment to conduct in advance of deciding to remove any element from in situ. Document rational for removal; record fragment in situ, before removal, and identify location once removed.
  11. Include a sign-off by the approprite staff memebrs befor any object is removed from its location or, once removed, "deaccessioned."




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