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Develop standards, skills requirements, and qualifications for all treatments and other services undertaken by staff, whose capacity to undertake treatments is strengthened through skills training and knowledge sharing.

Seek ways to help staff who are typically seeking ways to assume greater responsibility and means to be more accountable.

Maximize the intellectual and organizational potential of individuals.

Formalize unambiguous accountability and responsibility at every level and in the context of self-actualization of individual staff.

Formalize the proficiency requirements and wherewithal of those conducting work; the standards and format for records; and their ability to be shared, revised augmented through information and communication management.

Clearly distinguish each of the skills, qualifications and services associated with specific personnel job requirements (as described in their job description and duties, and in a continuous-learning program) and with specific preservation treatments they are to conduct.

Identify the skills and services (in house or contracted) likely required for work proposed as part of any conservation assessment.

Envision the need to conduct any particular conservation work as an opportunity to provide greater training, always with reference and deference to the physical fabric, authenticity and value of the object being treated.

As a matter of policy, use (or add) of in-house services in favor of employing contracted services.

If contracted services are employed, seek means to impart skills to staff through cooperative work.

Have staff and contracted specialists conduct workshops for staff, professional colleagues, members, and the public.

Coordinate with site-specific preservation work and augment with project records, including publications.

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