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Define types of conservation contracts and state explicit work state requirements for contracted conservation services for treatments undertaken by personnel including consultants, contractors, and craftspeople ("sub-contractors"), and other specialists.

For most work, prepare specifications based on careful assessment, testing, monitoring, and development of treatment recommendations.

Prequalify bidders.

Obtain three (3) bids for all work.

Include an in-house training components to augment in-house staff skills.

If specifications are not developed, require all contractors to submit detailed proposals to be reviewed by the steward.

If the photography and other graphic work is not “work for hire” or if it is copyrighted, secure a permission release to reproduce (in whole or part) and publish any photographs. Refer to permission release provide by this conservator in photograph section of this report.

Request all negatives for color prints or black-and-white prints taken by consultants and others. Obtain TIFF or high-resolution JPG files of all digital images.


"Conservation treatment services can be procured by purchase order or by contracting for those services. Success begins by matching the appropriate procurement method with project needs. Good performance starts with a well-written scope of work, and a contract that can be exercised must contain a clear statement of specific deliverables and a delivery schedule. Competed contracts need specific performance and ability relevant selection criteria as well. If you are not sure about what type of procurement method is right for you, contact your procurement specialist or officer for advice."

Introduction, Frequently Asked Questions: Contracting for Conservation Treatments, Department of Conservation, Harpers Ferry Center, National Park Service

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