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Collections Management Software Review – Comparative Analysis, Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN), Canadian Heritage.

"Collections Management Software Review is meant to assist museums in integrating in-house systems into their institutions and to encourage them to take advantage of the growing availability, cost effectiveness and user friendliness of current software. This Review represents the third edition in an ongoing series of evaluations of collections management software for museums. Its intention is to outline the suitability of specific software to museum discipline, collections size, museum functions, and hardware and software environment. It also analyzes vendor reliability, support requirements, customization possibilities, costs and more. The Review also ensures that the software meets CHIN and international standards and allows for importing and exporting data."


Selecting Exercise, Collections Management Software Selection, CHIN, Canadian Heritage

Purchasing Considerations

  • Purchase a commercial software package.
  • Purchase a commercial software package and customize to perform functions specific to your institution.
  • Purchase a development application that provides a basic information and functional structure and develop an application specific to your institution.
  • Develop a customized system.

System Implementation

  • List the areas within your organization that will be affected by the new system.

People and Available Equipment

  • List the people who will use the system and the status of the equipment now available to them.

Determining Requirements

  • Determine if your staff is ready for the new system. If not, list what has to be done before the system is installed.

Data Conversion

  • Determine if your data is ready to be converted to a new system. If not, list what has to be done before the system is installed.


Criteria Checklist, Data Management,

Collections Management Software Selection (online course): Criteria Exercise and Checklist, Products Evaluated, Collections Management Software Review – Comparative Analysis, Canadian Heritage Information Network, Canadian Heritage, 15 Eddy Street, 4th Floor, Hull, Quebec, Canada K1A 0M5 T 819.994.1200, F 819.994.9555
E, Toll free 1-800-520-2446 in Canada and the U.S.





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