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  1. Mission
  2. Mission, Vision, Plans and Policies
  3. Organizational Structure (Roles, Responsibilities, Needs)
  4. Learning Organization
    1. Competencies, Skills and Knowledge
    2. In-House Services
    3. Contracted Services
  5. Information and Communication Management
    1. Management Data Systems
  6. Planning
  7. Interpretation

Care (a part of Stewardship) is the responsible guardianship and growth (with reference to specific professional standards) of assets (including, but not limited to, the collections entrusted to a corporation, organization, government, or peoples).

Stewardship applies preventive, precautionary measures to preserve the value and integrity of these cultural and natural resources for posterity by adhering to the principle of responsible, intergenerational equity while concurrently providing access today and understanding of their past record and present conservation through documentation, research and interpretation.

Stewardship is accomplished through identification and stewardship of assets and, as mandated by the steward's bylaws, mission, vision, plans and policies to:

  1. Safeguard the sustainable use of the finite, irreplaceable material collections;
  2. Enhance the extrinsic value of the collection through growth of the Society as a learning organization, by increasing individual and collective competencies, skills and knowledge;
  3. In-house services and contracted services
  4. Identify and harness the intangible value of its collections, through added documentation, research, analysis and interpretation — of the results and the process;
  5. Ensure physical and intellectual control and coordination of the collections through a new information and communication management system that adheres to standard, professional management data systems.
  6. Provide access to its physical and intellectual resources once the collections have been further catalogued and archived.;
  7. Planning
  8. Assessment and Interpretation
  9. Augment resources in partnership with staff and board, the membership, colleagues, sister organizations, funding sources, and the greater community through cooperative initiatives and its records.
  10. Proactively minimize harm to the physical collection through risk management while enriching our understanding of the collections and their context through preservation work and conservation treatments.
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