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As a learning origanization practicing collections stewardship,monitoring is undertaken by all staff to record observations and data to share with colleagues.

This information, too, must be monitored and compared to past conditions (in treatment reports, testing, and other monitoring) standards of performance and safety, and other criteria.

Establish such a system, beginning with a "Monitoring" component of the Caretaker's training in risk managemen. Employ methodologies adn practices developed by the Conservation Department.

Monitoring is critical to all work. Couple monitoring to evaluation and control for the following:

  • the dynamic nature of the collections and their environments;
  • stewardship: work based on well-defined preformance criteria, professional standards, and approved practices;
  • all aspects of risk management that relys on monitoring and reponse;
  • the process of preservation, including all its activities;
  • treatments and their performance;
  • cost control.

Review all work than needs monitoring and the manes this process and information is intergrated into records and shared.

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