Assets (records and information management)
  1. Introduction
  2. Collections Management Systems and Technology
  3. Database and Knowledge-base management
  4. Location
  5. Retention and Disposition

Documentation (Buildings Collections)

  1. Recording
    1. Documentation Methods
    2. Historical Reports
    3. Written Descriptions
    4. Architectural Records
    5. Architectural Drawings
    6. Photographs
    7. Properties Recorded by HABS
  2. Assessments, Plans and Reports
    1. Reports (Existing)
    2. Conservation Assessments
    3. Preservation Plans
    4. Historic Structure Reports
    5. Historic Furnishing Reports
  3. Rational
    1. Philosophy
    2. Statement of Requirement
    3. Treatment Recommendations
    4. Review and Approval
    5. Record of Decision
  4. Technical Data
    1. Monitoring
    2. Analysis
  5. Project Documents (reference: Recording)
    1. Architectural Records
    2. Architectural Drawings
    3. Photographs
    4. Field reports
  6. Publications
    1. Treatment Reports
    2. Preservation Technical Notes
    3. Professional Publications


  1. Archives
  2. Off-Site Records and Repositories
    1. National Historic Landmark
    2. Properties Recorded by HABS/HAER
    3. HABS/HAER Recording Standards
    4. Other Repositories

Records include written, graphic and photographic documents that record the collection and its stewardship, including preservation treatment. While some records warrant archival materials, treatment and storage, it is the methodology, process and resulting information that is emphasized and integrated into an information and communication management system, which adheres to Collections Management Systems and Technology standards and is database driven. The Location of records must be in an archival environment.

Formalized, detailed recording, assessment, and development of preservation treatments are critical to all preservation work.


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